Build strength, balance, durability, power, and agility by utilizing core lifts and PT exercises to target under active muscle groups, and technical lifts and stretches to enhance structural integrity. Performance program benefits include:

Sports Performance & Lifestyle Training

Customized Performance Sessions

We provide 1-on-1 and group training sessions designed to meet the challenges of your life, such as weight loss, muscle gain, or to enhance physical attributes needed for sport/competition.

Sports Performance & Lifestyle Training

Mobility Based Fitness

Build muscular balance and durability, in the gym, park, or at home (as Mink wrote in Outside Magazine). Novices to aspiring athletes are all welcome!

Sports Performance & Lifestyle Training

Personalized Programs

We design fitness and lifestyle programs, regardless of age, to help clients achieve their goals, in addition to live 1-on-1 sessions.

Sports Performance & Lifestyle Training

Movement Assessments

Initial assessments are 2-5 sessions and help us refine our approach according to the individual’s underlying movement patterns, and reduce injury risk. The goal is to enhance the technical aspects of jumping, landing, cutting, decelerating, as well as shoulder injury prevention. Sessions can be conducted in person or on Skype.

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