MTS Health & Perform Workshops

The goal of this Workshop is to optimize the most important asset of your business – your human capital! We improve workforce potential by teaching skills that build physical and intellectual capacity, promote proactive health, and create sustained energy through the day. Benefits of this Workshop include enhancing:

  • Nutritional habits to promote sustained energy & immune system function
  • Preventative & proactive health strategies
  • Stress management techniques
  • Productivity-enhancing habits
  • Efficient movement & stretching techniques to reduce overuse injuries
  • High-Performance Curriculum is included to help reduce workforce sick days

Client Testimonial

Triple Crown has had an ongoing partnership with Mink Training Systems for over 10 years. We periodically utilize their service to educate our sales and recruiting teams, enhance teamwork, and elevate production. In the summer of 2017, we hired Mink to deliver two consecutive half day seminars for top producers and key personnel. The sessions left all participants including myself challenged physically and mentally. As s team, we all appreciated the events and noticed behavior improvement. In 2017, Triple Crown grew by 70% over 2016, and our engagement with Mink Training was a contributing factor. I highly recommend his workshops!

David Smith

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