The Forever an Athlete Program (Paperback)


Discover Innovative Ways to Build a Functionally Strong, Lean, and Durable Physique, While Integrating Delicious, Nutrient Dense Foods to Revitalize Mind and Body

Learn how to create a healthy, resilient, and energized life while transforming your body, adding muscle, and building functional strength.

Gain daily optimization strategies for physical durability, sustained energy, and mental focus using advanced training techniques; mobility movements; sports performance strength and footwork exercises; high performance foods for muscle and brain function; and mind-body integration techniques.

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Product Description

The Forever an Athlete Program provides a new beginning to a leaner, stronger, more functional, and healthier you! Throughout this book, learn advanced training techniques, combined with knowledge about healing foods, to naturally accelerate strength, build physical durability, reduce inflammation, improve focus, and promote sustained energy through nutrient timing.

Eric Minkwitz created this program after more than 20 years of expertise gained while training highly competitive athletes and busy professionals; studying the field of human performance; and pushing his own limits as a multi-sport athlete and bodybuilder. Eric’s methods have helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies; build lean muscle; achieve functional strength; enhance athleticism; and improve mobility.

The Forever an Athlete Program empowers you to achieve mastery over your lifestyle, regardless of age, using optimization strategies and revitalizing mind-body techniques.

Here’s a sneak peek inside this book:

  • High performance foods – presenting unique food choices packed with vitamins, phytonutrients, protein, and fiber to enhance energy and focus
  • Nutrient dense recipes and bodybuilding grocery lists – providing meal planning to effectively recover from training and build lean muscle
  • Sports nutrition timing ideas – helping you closely match macronutrients with your daily activities
  • Food signatures – profiling the link between fresh foods and mental and physical function
  • Professional sports performance exercises – encouraging methods to build better posture, functional movement, and pack on lean muscle
  • Speed, agility, and power training – describing innovative footwork movements to increase athletic skill, while simultaneously shredding fat
  • Innovative rehab exercises – uncovering the secrets to successfully counteract the effects of sitting
  • Exercise descriptions and photos – demonstrating how to build mobility and strength in your hips, knees, core, and shoulders
  • Strategies for optimizing hormonal balance – profiling quick daily habits to help reduce cortisol and enhance testosterone levels
  • And many more health and fitness techniques and tips!

Whether you are a multi-sport athlete, or just starting out, this book enables you to master any physical or life-related challenge that comes your way!

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