Welcome to MTS Prime! This program is the culmination of 20 years of my own sports performance, preventative health, and fitness research, lessons learned from mistakes and triumphs, and application on my clients and myself. The goal: to become functionally strong and balanced, to increase durability in sports and life, and to make sustainable, health promoting food and lifestyle choices. Inside the program is access to:
  • professional sports performance exercises to enhance posture and functional capabilities
  • expertly designed strength and sprint training program
  • food and lifestyle strategies to naturally enhance testosterone
  • strategies for planning healthy food and personal wellness choices during busy days
  • nutrient-dense recipes and body building grocery lists for sustained energy and focus
  • tips to increase lean muscle and functional strength and counteract the effects of sitting

Product Description

Gain immediate access (with email updates), to over 50 pages of innovative, at home, and downloadable PDFs to elevate your health and fitness! This knowledge is the culmination of 20 years of my own experiences, research, consistent application on myself and my clients, and lessons learned from my mistakes and triumphs! The program includes sports performance movements and tips, expertly crafted strength and sprint training programs, daily food planning and preventative health practices, nutrient dense recipes and snacks, along with professional fitness tips to boost metabolism, enhance sports performance, increase physical durability and injury reduction, energy, and focus. MTS PRIME PROGRAM includes access to:
  • MTS Strength and Sprint Program. This is an expertly designed, professional sports performance strength, power, and sprint training program. Use this as a foundation to prepare for contact sports, to get motivated for a new challenge, to build a base of strength, or to cross-train if you are an obstacle racer, runner, or triathlete!
  • MTS Top 10: Optimizing Personal Performance, including 10 practices to enhance wellness during the work day
  • MTS Top 7: Sports Nutrition, including daily timing of your meals for enhanced recovery and muscle gains
  • MTS Men: Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone, including new foods (game meats, figs, shellfish, Brazil nuts, and more), lifestyle and training tips (when to nap, when to lift heavy)
  • MTS 365: Total Body Movements to Integrate into your Week. This includes exercises/stretches/body weight movements that you can do at home, work, and in the gym to help integrate the hips, torso, shoulders to help restore optimal alignment. The goal: improve total body balance, improve mobility (especially for desk workers), build up weak points, and promote physical durability (with better proprioception and body alignment)
  • BONUS LIST: Grocery Shopping for the Bodybuilder. This is a definitive list, including all of the greatest foods for muscle building, anti-inflammation, disease prevention, and recovery!
  • BONUS LIST: Nutrient-dense Recipes and Shakes
  • BONUS LIST: Healthy Snacks and Whole Food Signatures
  • MEMBERS ONLY PREMIUM EMAIL UPDATES: Motivational updates will include tips to increase mobility and durability, healthy food, recipes, new products to help optimize your day, boost metabolism, enhance energy, and improve your fitness!
  • PRINTABLE AND DOWNLOADABLE: Print or view these information-packed PDFs from your laptop, tablet, or phone!


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