Top Ten Foods for Athletes and Busy Professionals in Their 30s, 40s, and Beyond

Optimized Nutrition ProgramsWhether you are just starting a program, or you’re a multi-sport athlete, you should be aware of the changing macro- and micro-nutrient requirements that are needed as you enter a new decade of life. First off, celebrate any new year alive, and treat it as a gift to advance your health, your career, your spirit, and your relationships. Some of the foods below are all-stars from my book, “The Forever an Athlete Program”, and are top choices for building muscle and increasing energy for my clients in their 30s, 40s and beyond.

1. Wild Salmon – a favorite food of top nutritionists, nutrient dense, high in protein and essential fats, and sustainably harvested.
2. Cage Free, Free-Range Eggs – nutritionally packed with protein and nutrients such as lutein. The most nutrient dense eggs will have a yolk that is more “orange” than “yellow”.
3. Cinnamon – a multipurpose spice, it helps increase circulation and lower cholesterol.
4. Whey Protein – a masterful food in terms of convenience and bio-availability. Some of the best forms will have a blend of isolate, concentrate, and casein for variable absorption rates. A post workout bodybuilding staple, when combined with ample CHO sources (oats, grains, berries).
5. Oysters – packed with protein, minerals and Zinc, which are vital for Testosterone and recovery.
6. Pumpkin Seeds – packed with essential fats, Iron, and Zinc.
7. Whole Brown Rice – this all-time, inexpensive, bodybuilding staple supplies slow release energy and replenishes muscle glycogen.
8. Beets – whole beets provide nitrates which have been shown to improve running performance, as well as being dense in fiber and Potassium.
9. Turkey – a great protein source, this food is densely packed with Arginine. Arginine, an amino acid, works as a vasodilator and helps release GH. The supplemental form is a powerful natural pre-workout nutrient.
10. Steel Cut Oats – a great source of slow-release energy for morning training sessions, reduces cholesterol, and provides trace minerals.

Read about more high performance foods in my book, “The Forever an Athlete Program”.

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