The Box Jump with Precision

The box jump is one of the best movements for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. However, it is often executed incorrectly. My football/lacrosse client is executing the box jump with precision. Key points are the following: from an athletic base, explode the hips up and out towards the box, drive hands/shoulders to the sky; drive knees high and absorb the forces on the box through the hip complex while bracing the abdominals; upon return, ensure ankles, knees, hips absorb and knees stay aligned over the midfoot.


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Eric Minkwitz

Since 2002, Eric Minkwitz has operated Mink Training Systems, a sports performance, workplace wellness, and nutritional consulting business geared towards student-athletes, active individuals, and busy professionals. Minkwitz works with people of all levels, to educate and empower his clients to reach their potential in team sports, personal endeavors, and physical competitions of all types.

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