Ten Everyday Tips to Make Your Work Day Fly By (And Feel Healthier By 5pm)

The points below are excerpted from my new book, “The Forever An Athlete Program”:

  1. Preparation – Pack healthy snacks, such as apples and almonds, gym clothes, and sneakers, the night before the workday. Additionally, cook larger protein-rich meals on Sunday, so that you have extra pre-made lunches throughout the week.
  2. Hydration – Upon waking, consume at least 8oz of water with lemon. Remember thirst is a lagging indicator for total hydration, so stay on top of your fluids during the day.
  3. Nutrition Primer – Ensure the following foods form the basis of your meals: fresh vegetables and fruits; lean proteins such as eggs, fish and chicken; and healthy fats found in nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oils, and avocados. Ample protein and foods packed with fiber will naturally keep you satiated. Reducing consumption of sugars, processed flours, snack chips, sodas, sugary coffees, will help reduce systemic inflammation and insulin surges.
  4. Eat a Colorful Array of Fresh Foods – A colorful daily assortment of fruits and vegetables will ensure your body is supplied with ample vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, anti-inflammatories, and anti-oxidants.
  5. The Art of Food Synergy – Healthy fats from olive oil, coconut oils, and seeds, aid in the absorption of several vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, and D. A healthy salad containing greens, carrots, olive oil, seeds, and hard boiled eggs is a prime example of food synergy.
  6. Workplace Ergonomics – While sitting, be mindful to set your monitor at eye level and retract your shoulder blades. Position your head on top of your cervical spine, as opposed to having a forward-leaning cervical posture. To build a more natural base, sit at the edge of your chair, with your abdominals pulled inward.
  7. Movement – Our bodies are meant to move, so walk and stretch at least ten minutes out of every hour at your desk. Ensure you get at least four good vigorous workout sessions per week.
  8. Breathing – When you need to reduce stress, practice Dr. Andrew Weil’s breathing technique: inhale deeply for four seconds, hold for a seven count, and then exhale for an eight count.
  9. Systems Approach – According to Author James Clear, focusing on 1% changes per week sets you up for success, as opposed to setting monumental goals too far off in the future.
  10. Balance – All of our systems are interrelated. Aim for balance among work, relationships, physical activity, healthy eating, quiet reflective time, time in nature, and sleep.

About The Author

Eric Minkwitz

Since 2002, Eric Minkwitz has operated Mink Training Systems, a sports performance, workplace wellness, and nutritional consulting business geared towards student-athletes, active individuals, and busy professionals. Minkwitz works with people of all levels, to educate and empower his clients to reach their potential in team sports, personal endeavors, and physical competitions of all types.

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