Six “Healthy and Fit” Gift Ideas

Here are my top six fitness and natural health gift ideas to help satisfy some people on your Christmas list!

  1. For the person who likes natural skin care, try Evan Healy Face Lotion. This nourishing blend has no manufactured ingredient, and unrefined shea butter and olive leaf are filled with phyto-nutrients and EFAs.
  2. For the person who is starting to build out their home gym, and needs a kick in the right direction, buy the BOSU Elite Balance Trainer. With the BOSU Trainer, build stability, strength, and enhace core integration, using mostly body weight movements.
  3. For the person who needs to eat clean, get Garden of Life RAW Protein. This protein powder is vegan and composed of organic, raw sprouted peas, grains, and rice, and it can be added to shakes and oatmeal.
  4. For the person who just needs some dark chocolate, try Endangered Species Rainforest Chocolate.
  5. For the person who needs a program to jump start their fitnesss, try my Muslce Up Progam: 8-Weeks to Lean Muscle.
  6. For the person who is always on the run, try PRO BAR Real Food Bar. These tasty bars are high in fiber, protein, and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and a better option than fast foods.

Keep Charging and Merry Christmas!

~ Mink


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Eric Minkwitz

Since 2002, Eric Minkwitz has operated Mink Training Systems, a sports performance, workplace wellness, and nutritional consulting business geared towards student-athletes, active individuals, and busy professionals. Minkwitz works with people of all levels, to educate and empower his clients to reach their potential in team sports, personal endeavors, and physical competitions of all types.

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