Posterior Chain Strength for Winter Sports

Posterior chain strength is essential not only for proper posture and to combat the effects of sitting too much, but it also plays a huge role in winter sports performance. Specific movements that rely on posterior chain strength include initiating a high speed downhill ski turn and pushing off during the skating stride. The posterior chain encompasses upper back musculature — scapulae stabilizers, mid and lower traps, erector spinae group, hip-ham complex, and gastroc-soleus. Three of my favorite exercises for targeting the posterior chain include the following:

  1. TRX Scap Stabilizers — My client below executes this move flawlessly. She assumes an inverted row position, compresses abdominals, and rows while keeping medial border of scapulaes retracted. From row position, maintain scap stability and lengthen arms, ensuring thumbs are pointed up to the sky and that the scaps do not drift towards the ears.
  2. Stability Ball Eccentric Leg Curls
  3. Yoga Warrior III

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