Functional Strength for Time Stapped Athletes 1.0

Ground based movements, which position the athlete in either a sprinter stance, a ready stance (Linebacker position), or a split stance lunge position, are vitally important for developing stability through the lower body, core strength, and control through the transverse plane. Movements that incorporate contralateral pushing and pulling are advanced, enhance postural integrity, have high metabolic requirements, and use time efficiently because of the multiple muscle groups involved. Below is a favorite from the Sports Medicine Institute-LA, the Cable Push-Pull from Lunge Stance:

Performance Cues:

  • Assume a hip-width lunge stance, ensuring your gluteals are solid and your torso is vertical, right hip is in extension.
  • Position a low cable grip in your left hand, and a high cable grip in your right hand behind you.
  • Draw the abdominals inward before lifting the weight off of the rack.
  • Perform a right hand downward pressing motion, while simultaneously performing an upward pulling motion with the left hand. Keep abdominals tight and hips level throughout the movement.

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