Eating clean while on the road

In all of my discussions with clients and friends about food, sports nutrition, and eating to build lean muscle, the topic that presents itself the most is, “I am always on the road, and I can’t find any quick and healthy food choices, so I eat crap!” America is a land awash in fast food burger joints, mega pharmacies, and convenient stores, so there are abundant places to make bad choices. I like to focus on areas where people can make good choices while on the run, or travelling to other cities for a weekend away. Here are some keys:

  1. Always pack raw nuts, dried fruits, and kashi cereal in a zip lock. The food won’t spoil, and it will provide essential fats, protein, fiber, and satiation, so you don’t reach for fatty airport food court choices. 
  2. Lean protein is often difficult to find on the road, so pack pouches of tuna and salmon.
  3. Chug a water jug prior to airport security, and refill prior to boarding. Dehydration in the air can create a false sense of hunger.
  4. Seek out good food in convenient stores: bananas, chocolate milk, and nuts make a perfect post workout meal, providing B vitamins, protein, potassium, and magnesium.
  5.  FIber is another macronutrient that is neglected while on the road. Bring ground flax or chia seeds and sprinkle on yogurt, and chug ample water.

You will find that these little tricks are easy to implement, and will help make you feel healthier, too. Happy travels!


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Eric Minkwitz

Since 2002, Eric Minkwitz has operated Mink Training Systems, a sports performance, workplace wellness, and nutritional consulting business geared towards student-athletes, active individuals, and busy professionals. Minkwitz works with people of all levels, to educate and empower his clients to reach their potential in team sports, personal endeavors, and physical competitions of all types.

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