ACL Injury Prevention on Beach

Who says injury prevention has to be boring? My video describes four movements to make the athlete more durable and reactive through the knees and hip complex. I credit Chris Graham from SMI-LA for his brilliant quote, “the key to life is strong glutes”:

  1. Strict squat with abdominal bracing
  2. Vertical leap without valgus landing
  3. Lateral band walk
  4. Single leg hop and stick in sand

About The Author

Eric Minkwitz

Since 2002, Eric Minkwitz has operated Mink Training Systems, a sports performance, workplace wellness, and nutritional consulting business geared towards student-athletes, active individuals, and busy professionals. Minkwitz works with people of all levels, to educate and empower his clients to reach their potential in team sports, personal endeavors, and physical competitions of all types.

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