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Since 2002, Eric Minkwitz has operated Mink Training Systems LLC, a sports performance, workplace wellness, and nutritional consulting business geared towards student-athletes, active individuals, and busy professionals. Minkwitz educates and empowers his clients to reach their potential in team sports, fitness, and proactive health habits. He developed his Forever an Athlete Methodology which focuses on Functional Movement Screens, building technique, sports specificity, teaching Olympic Lifts for power, instructing injury prevention and durability training (resilient mind and body) for multi-sport athletes, and providing nutritional recommendations to fuel work and exercise schedules. In the workplace, he conducts Wellness Seminars to help empower your workday, maximize focus and productivity through daily self-health choices, building your immune system, nutritional education, and movement techniques to enhance total body balance.

As the company evolved, Minkwitz expanded into consulting, programming, and teaching roles. He instructed return-to-sport protocol for athletes at The Sports Medicine Institute-Los Angeles, as well as directed operations for a sports medicine surgical device company. More recently, he consults to start-up companies within manufacturing, as well as wellness/fitness businesses with their product offerings, and teaches courses/seminars on Preventative Health; Sports Performance; Professional Development Entrepreneurship and Wellness; and Introduction to Business. He has been published in Outside Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Exercise for Men, and Decision Resources. He launched The Forever an Athlete Program to empower those motivated to build a functionally strong, physically and mentally resilient, and energized life!

About Mink Training
About Mink Training
About Mink Training

The Mink Training Story

Pivotal life experiences helped create a niche service for aspiring athletes!

Minkwitz, (“Mink”), holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Environmental Science from Williams College, where he Captained the football team. He earned a starting varsity position as a freshman. As a pre-season All-American, his sophomore season was cut short as a result of a fractured and dislocated left ankle. Following the first of four reconstructive surgeries, and some doomsday prognoses from doctors, Eric found Charles River Sports Therapy’s Carl Gustafson to be the lead physical therapist in this rigorous 2-year recovery. His rehab was a seven-day-a-week affair that required Mink to transform his dorm room to accommodate ankle strengthening and mobility exercises. The process was transformative since it illustrated the resiliency of the human body and mind. The most important lesson: with equal parts determination, knowledge, and grit, you can recover from adversity.

The fire to return to football, skiing, and basketball at an even higher level burned bright for Minkwitz, and thus he devoted himself not only to his regimen in the PT clinic but also to learning the science behind these three fields:

  1. Fluidity of functional movement will dictate strength training, durability, and flexibility
  2. Correct physical stimuli and recovery techniques can build durability no matter the age
  3. Therapeutic exercises, mental toughness, and motivation are vital to all programs

Mink returned to complete his degree at Williams and was awarded captain of the football team, as well as the Coughlin Award for Perseverance following an Injury. During a three-year stint as a medical writer and pharmaceutical market consultant at Decision Resources, Inc., Mink gained valuable insight into western style clinical trials and medicine, as well as non-traditional treatment paradigms including food nutrients and supplements and their effect on disease processes. Minkwitz then went on to play two seasons of pro football with the Hamburg Blue Devils, prior to launching Mink Training Systems LLC in Southern California in 2002. Today, he sees clients in both New England and Southern California.

About Mink Training
About Mink Training

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