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Mink Training Systems is dedicated to educating and empowering individuals and teams to help achieve their physical and mental potential, through professional sports performance training, nutritional consulting, and invigorating workplace wellness seminars. Our mission is to “bridge the gap” between just getting by, and accelerating your life to reach new levels of physical performance, focus, and personal mastery.

MTS clients will benefit from over 15 years of research and application of the top physical training principles:

  • Building functional strength, balance, and athleticism
  • Promoting physical durability regardless of the level
  • Elevating focus and energy through nutritional and lifestyle changes

Sports Performance & Lifestyle Training


Build strength, balance, durability, power, and agility by utilizing core lifts and PT exercises to target under-active muscle groups, and technical lifts and stretches to enhance structural integrity.

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Health & Performance Workshops


The goal of this Workshop is to optimize the most important asset of your business – your human capital! We improve workforce potential by teaching skills that build physical and intellectual capacity, promote proactive health, and create sustained energy through the day.

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Optimized Nutrition Programs


Our nutritional programs are predicated first on educating the client about which foods and nutrients can enhance physical activities and bolster mental acuity, and then on establishing sustainable eating necessary to achieve performance goals.

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Recent Blog Posts

Top Ten Foods for Athletes and Busy Professionals in Their 30s, 40s, and Beyond

Whether you are just starting a program, or you’re a multi-sport athlete, you should be aware of the changing macro- and micro-nutrient requirements that are needed as you enter a new decade of life. First off, celebrate any new year alive, and treat it as a gift to advance your health, your career, your spirit, and

8 Secrets to Healthy Eating and Money Saving (While Simultaneously Outsmarting Your Local Supermarket)

1. Colors – Pay attention to colors that signify our innate cues for danger/passion (reds), and growth/success (greens). Food formulators play upon our primal urges. Glow-in-the-dark greens (Mountain Dew), vibrant hot oranges (Doritos) are a case in point. Supermarkets thrive on impulse buys, but most of these impulse products supply negligible nutrients with maximal caloric

Ten Everyday Tips to Make Your Work Day Fly By (And Feel Healthier By 5pm)

1. Preparation – Pack healthy snacks, such as apples and almonds, gym clothes, and sneakers, the night before the workday. Additionally, cook larger protein-rich meals on Sunday, so that you have extra pre-made lunches throughout the week.
2. Hydration – Upon waking, consume at least 8oz of water with lemon. Remember thirst is a lagging indicator for total hydration, so stay on top of your fluids during the day.

Add quality muscle to shoulders, quads and chest by training like a multi-sport athlete for 8 weeks.

Need to build lean muscle? Interested in training like a multi-sport athlete? MINK TRAINING SYSTEMS MUSCLE UP: 8 WEEKS TO LEAN MUSCLE has been used by many of my top clients to help them achieve lean muscle FAST, and to enhance strength, power, and speed for sports! The program utilizes traditional lifts for a foundation

10 Essential Steps to Detox your Body and Reduce Inflammation

In the morning immediately following a long trip (or Vegas Weekend), drink warm water with lemon and a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt.
Drink Yogi Detox Teas with lemon, turmeric spice, and Beet Juice extract. This combination will help cleanse your kidneys as well as provide ample anti-inflammatory compounds. Metagenics UltraInflamX also offers anti-inflammatory effects.

5 Creative Ways to Build a Cohesive Team

Program a day of physical challenges. For my clients, I have created relay events of different intensities. For instance, I will use a strength event, a power event, a steady state event, and a special skill event, in order to engage people of all skill levels. This will require the team to communicate and delegate

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